Monday, October 1, 2007

Animal Planned It (If you get satellite, you'll get it)

I like the pipes. The flying windows, the flower box, not so much. I can stand the Marquee for a while, but it gets old, and it’s a pain to keep changing it. But I like the pipes, and you can change them easily and quickly for a seemingly endless variety. So I’m sitting here staring at the pipes, with custom texture and color, as they twist and grow and worm their way into and around each other at a speed custom chosen by me. The screen saver came on about five minutes ago, after ten minutes of not coming up with a blog idea, but gamely keeping the computer turned on anyway.
I know it’s been a while since I did a blog…but things keep coming up and interrupting. Like two days ago, for example, when the cat came. I guess she’s not a cat yet, but she will be before very long. Right now, cleverly disguised as a kitten, she’s ensconcing herself in our RV home. She even has Clancy, the famously anti-cat dog, snowed into thinking she’s “the baby”. The poor mutt’s been licking and protecting her since they were introduced at the Gift Shop.
We were in the middle of a routine work day when a young lady named Destiny arrived in tears, cuddling the little ball of fur. She’d found her on the side of the road, and thought she might have been hit by a car. The kitten was bleeding from the nose, and a little punchy, so we nurtured her, and she eventually fell asleep. After a while, it was apparent that she wasn’t seriously hurt, so we gave her some milk, and tried to figure out who got to take her home. (Looking back on it now, I’m not totally convinced the aspiring cat didn’t fake the whole thing as a clever ruse to get adopted.)
I know all cats are naturally diabolical and insidious, but this one is exceptionally talented. Without any apparent effort, she got Clancy (who has a history with cats that is both painful and humiliating for any dog) to nuzzle, lick, and worry about her almost at first sight. By the end of the day, it was obvious that the kitten would be going home with Clancy. (And…oh, yeah, with us.)
As I sit here, Destiny’s Child (named in honor of the young lady who picked her up from the road) is washing her face with her paws, after polishing off Clancy’s food and water. Earlier today, I caught her checking out our bed, probably so she’d know how to get there tonight when we’re asleep and unaware of her activities. So, she may have the others fooled, but DC (which can also stand for another name ending in “Cat”) isn’t putting anything over on me.
OK, I did buy the new stainless kitty bowl, the expensive kitten chow, the kitty litter and Special Scooper.

OK, and the Bouncy Mouse.

But she’s not fooling me. No sir.
So, stuff like that happens, and I get distracted from writing fresh blogs sometimes. I’m thinking about it, though. I have ideas. I’m working on it.