Sunday, February 15, 2009

Let 'im Eat Cake

Well, we’re finally in warm southern Arizona, where the temperature dropped and the snow fell briefly a few days ago, in celebration of our arrival. Sorry, Tucson…that sort of thing’s been happening to us lately. We really don’t do it on purpose.

We left New Mexico, and Yarntangler’s Dad and Step-Mom, after a nice visit featuring “Lady B” ’s famous New Mexico Random Cuisine. I always enjoy her meals, especially after we’ve been visiting for a few days, and the leftovers have had a chance to accumulate. It’s kind of like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates…while you know what’s been on the table the past couple days, you still never really know what you’re going to get. The possibilities are limitless, and delicious.

But there is one consistent item in all of Lady B’s meals for which I am always grateful: dessert.

I don’t get a lot of cake, or pie, or Jell-O, or ice cream as a rule. It’s just not practical here in the rig…so when I’m at Lady B’s table, I savor the cake, the cake and ice cream, the brownies, the chocolates, and the variety of other goodies offered at the end of the meal, before the meal, after the meal and at other random times during our visit.

So, thanks, Lady B, for all the good eatin’. We look forward to our next visit.
Blog at ya later,