Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Let's Talk Month Begins

OK, so here we go with an experimental conversation, started yesterday by Sage Words. If you’re just catching up, note the later portion of his rant to get the context.

Did you check it? No? Go back and check it.


Now are we ready? Good.

See, I think your last sentence kind of hit it on the head, Sage. The New Journalism requires Caring, NOT understanding, or even comprehension. The new Icons are graduates of the Ted Baxter School of Broadcast Excellence, and in many ways we can see the influence of their mentor everywhere we look.

“Take off glasses, look concerned.”

Just one quick example…Election night…Wolf Blitzer…the new hologram graphic. “Its just like you’re standing right here next to me, but you’re not. It’s just a graphic! Wow! Wowiewowie! Wow!”

Now if we could just get that black outline off you, so you don't look so much like a cardboard cutout...

The election? Oh, yeah. The election. Well, we’ll get right to it…We’ve got the Greatest Election Team in Broadcasting, AND, these cool cool graphics….”

In his defense, he was probably talking to a green screen at the time…so what can you expect. That’s kind of the point here. Our media geniuses are so busy talking to the graphics, they’ve come to see the whole world as a green screen.

....No real point here; I just had to throw this one in.

OK. Idiots reading idiot cards (teleprompters in modern parlance). I guess I can stomach that. But the New Wisdom won’t let it rest there, will it? Sometimes the Product Placement poster boys and girls are re-named Commentators, and Allowed To Think.

That’s when we really get into trouble.

Intrepid Investigative Commentator Nancy Grace, for example, and her recent on-air (do they use that term any more?) conviction of Casey Anthony. Real class. But I’m sure she did her best. With what little grey matter she had to work with.


But then…

Remember The Running Man? Brave New World?

Remember 1984?

We’ve been getting our share of Newspeak over the past decade or so, and it seems the new Ministry of Truth is the media. No more competition, just big corporations (Rollerball?) running all the channels.

Dumbed down TV, Dumbed down schools.
Dumbed down sheep.

Remember The Time Machine?

Blog at ya later,

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Yarntangler said...

The one wonderful thing about modern NEWS programs is that you don't have to be devastated if you miss an episode of your favorite REALITY TV show.

If your (possibly) gay, (allegedly)unattractive or (unnaturally)cute favorite gets voted off the island, or the Idol Stage, You won't miss it. You can be sure it will get full coverage the on the Nightly NEWS,and the Morning NEWS.

The following Evening NEWS will carry an in-depth analysis as to what the viewers or Simon could have been thinking to make this Shocking STORY happen!